Saturday, April 19, 2008

Greetings From Unizor

I have decided to publish some video educational material on a subject of "Mathematics for Teenagers". The Web site is and I invite all interested in this subject to visit it. This project is in the very beginning but gradually I plan to provide videos and texts for many topics related or not to "official" school program of Math. Math is my favorite subject. It was my major in college and it has played extremely important role in my career. It has shaped my thinking, it influenced approaches I took when dealing with complex problems and helped to maintain a healthy balance in life. Educational material I provide on is devoted to mathematical topics addressed usually by those high school teachers and advanced students who strive to deepen their understanding of principles and concepts of mathematics. The topics are presented in a relatively rigorous way with plenty of logical justifications and, most importantly, many problems to be solved by students. It is a very strong opinion of many math teachers that the main purpose of studying math is not accumulation of facts (theorems, rules, properties etc.) but rather developing an unfailing logical approach to solving problems of all kinds, starting with mathematical ones and leading to real life challenges. That is why it is extremely important for students to attempt solving as many problems presented here as possible. Some of them will be discussed on this site and solutions will be suggested, some are presented for self-study. But if you want this study to be successful, try to solve as many as you can. This is a main key to develop analytical approach that is extremely important for a successful career in many areas.