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Unizor - Geometry3D - Cones - Problems 1

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Right Circular Cones - Problems 1

In this course we will be dealing only with right circular cones and will call them simply cones.

Problem A
Find a volume of a truncated cone obtained by cutting-off its top by a plane parallel to its base in terms of two radiuses of two bases R1 and R2 and its height H (the distance between bases).


Problem B
The side surface of a cone, rolled out on a plane, is a circular sector with a central angle 120o and area S.
Determine the volume of this cone.

2S√6πS /27π

Problem C
Given an area S of a side surface of a cone and a distance d from a center of its base to any generatrix, find a volume of a cone.

S·d /3

Problem D
Side surface area of a cone is twice as big as an area of its base.
A section of a cone obtained by cutting it by a plane passing through its main axis (that is, a plane that goes through an apex and a center of a base) has an area S.
Find a volume of a cone.


Problem E
An altitude of a cone of a volume V is divided into N equal parts by points Ai, where i∈[1,N−1]. For convenience, let A0 be an apex of a cone and AN - a center of its base.
Then we draw a plane through each division point parallel to a base of a cone. These planes divide the cone into N parts, all of them except the top are truncated cones.
Find the volume of a truncated cone #k between planes going through points Ak−1 and Ak.


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