Monday, April 9, 2018

Unizor - Physics4Teens - Introduction

Notes to a video lecture on

Physics for Teenagers

This course of Physics for Teenagers is intended for those students and
teachers interested in the fundamental laws of the classical Physics as
it stood before Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and other new
developments were introduced.

The emphasis of the course is on physical laws expressed in mathematical
form, bringing theoretical precision into a focus, rather then
practical aspects of physical characteristics. It is extremely
important, therefore, to be familiar with mathematical apparatus used in
theoretical Physics, and, as an example, we can refer students to a
course of "Math 4 Teens" on this site UNIZOR.COM.

The main educational material for this course is "Textbook of Elementary
Physics" by Landsberg (in three volumes). This textbook was written in
Russian and translated to other languages, including English. It
presents a concise description of all major physical laws on solid
theoretical foundation.

It should be noted that solid mathematical foundation of this course is
its main characteristic. That's why it's very important to be at ease
with broad spectrum of Calculus concepts - derivatives, integrals,
differential equations etc. - all presented in sufficient details in the
course "Math 4 Teens" mentioned above.

Considering the limitations of this Internet-based classroom, we will
not be able to present real experiments to prove certain physical
properties, but sufficient discussion and description of such
experiments will be presented to explain their results.

We do not think this lack of experimental basis should discourage
students. After all, Einstein came up with his Theory of Relativity
using only logic, and the planet Pluto was discovered by performing
calculations, not by looking in the telescope.

This course is divided in the following sections:








This course of Physics for Teenagers is a work in progress. We started
it in 2018 and will gradually fill with lectures, notes and exams. If
you see that some sections are missing, please be patient, they will be
ready in the coming months.

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